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Clyde Heiman - Safety Officer

All too often, in the assumed and "taken for granted" freedom in which each successive American generation lives, the present seeks to obliterate the past - and that must never be allowed to happen! Knowing and remembering the price that past generations paid to save our nation, future generations can understand what they must do, if necessary, to preserve it.

(R.E. Peppy Blount - We Band of Brothers)

Peppy was a pilot in the 501st BS, 345th BG the ?Air Apaches?, during WWII in the SWPA, mainly New Guinea during 1943-1945. His book is well worth reading.

Safety articles from AOPA and the FAA
Carburetor AD affects an estimated 10,700 U.S. aircraft
The FAA has issued an airworthiness directive (AD) 2012-03-07 requiring inspection, and possible maintenance, of HA-6 carburetors installed in an estimated 10,700 Lycoming engines. A loose mixture control sleeve on certain "machined from billet" versions of the HA-6 can dislodge in flight, obstructing fuel flow and potentially causing the engine to shut down. The AD is effective March 27.   New
IFR Fix - Ready or not  from AOPA
Ceiling and Visibility Low ceilings and restricted visibilities are aviation's deadliest killers- from AOPA
Decision making for Pilots - from AOPA
IFR Fix: Benchmarking the Basics - from AOPA
Aircraft Inspections for Pilots - from AOPA
Decision making for Pilots - from AOPA
Alaska training program simulates off-field operations - from AOPA
Minimum Vectoring Altitudes - from AOPA 
Decision making for Pilots - from AOPA
Loss of GPS RAIM - from AOPA
'Impossible Turn' Saves One Pilot Twice
News:   Ted Bullock, P-51 legend just passed away
Mayday at Mt. McKinley
Flight Risk Evaluator Complete with videos and animation
New ATC Taxi Procedures
Industry groups prepare for unleaded future
"Say It Right" - Free Safety Course from AOPA
Paper to plastic: March 31 deadline
If you're still flying using your paper pilot certificate, time has run out to switch to a plastic certificate. Pilots were required to obtain plastic pilot certificates from the FAA by March 31 if exercising airmen privileges. To make sure you don't have to wait on the ground for your new certificate, request it now on the FAA Web site.
Free Safety Courses from AOPA
History: Ryan Air reclaims its name
Attention Aircraft Renters
Below-ground buzzing
NTSB says downdrafts killed Fossett
Unintentional King Air pilot
Flying Blind
Vacuum Failure in IMC
Fighting Fatigue
Weather Wise - Practical Tips and Tactical Tricks
Know Before You Go - Navigating Today's Airspace
AOPA's Air Safety eJournal
Government program works to eliminate wildlife-plane collisions
New notam system must have pilot's needs in mind
Pneumatic / Vacuum Systems
Hybrid Power
"Navigating Today's Airspace"
Single Pilot IFR



Updated March 3, 2012

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