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AT-6  Harvard Mk IV

A huge Thank You! to Alaska Wing member Mike Hunt, who donated the aircraft to the Wing.

Harvard Mk-IV N421QB in flight
Harvard Mk-IV N421QB in flight   (168 KB)

Mike Hunt Bob Halverson
Mike Hunt   (139 KB)

Bob Halverson   (196 KB)

Forward cockpit instrument panel Aft cockpit instrument panel
Forward Cockpit Instrument Panel   (195 KB)
Hi-Res   (1,145 KB)

Aft Cockpit Instrument Panel   (254 KB)
Hi-Res   (1,338 KB)

Harvard in Bob Halverson's hangar Old Yaller
Harvard in Bob Halverson's hangar   (163 KB)

Old Yaller   (191 KB)

Right side of the Harvard Takeoff from Lake Hood
Right side of the Harvard   (187 KB)

Takeoff from Lake Hood   (138 KB)
September 3, 2007

Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Dependable 	Engines
Dependable Engines   (182 KB)

Our Harvard is now in Anchorage!

Thursday, August 2, 2007 at 4:30 PM:    N421QB, the Harvard Mk IV assigned to the Alaska Wing of the CAF, arrived safe and sound at Anchorage.   Thanks to CAF pilot Carter Teeters of Tacoma Washington, who flew the aircraft from California to Anchorage.

Update 8/17/07:    We now have the Special Airworthiness and Operating Limitations for the Harvard.

Update 9/3/07:    Mike Hunt and Cricket Renner became the Wing's first two Pilots today.   Congratulations, Gentlemen!


The Harvard was the Canadian version of the T-6, also known as the AT-6 Texan and SNJ.
Pilots advanced to this advanced trainer after completing their training in a basic trainer Pilots would then look forward to transitioning to fighters or bombers.

The aircraft is powered by a Pratt and Whitney single row R-1340 which produces 600 horsepower. 



Updated October 14, 2007
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